Shipedge 10.2

X5 ( Product Update ) Shipping has been a big focus for us this past year and we've made some big strides in terms of giving our users access to a world class tool. Most of our users expect for a small group of beta tester are on Xenvio (Pronounced Zen-Vee-Oh) X3. X5 will offer faster request to label time as well as more reliable batch processing. All future carrier integrations would also be done in X5 rather than legacy X3 accounts. Some of the new features related to shipping below also require the change from X3 to X5. Some other things to come within X5; fully customizable packing lists, visual data and dashboards, new carrier integrations, etc.. To upgrade from X3 to X5 please reach out to us using the form below. Multibox Shipments * Requires X5 ( New Feature ) Were excited to announce multibox support. We've built multibox functionality into our Processing & Shipping view in your WMS. Now you will be able to add boxes and assign product to them. This will generate one shipment with multiple packages and tie the different parcels in your order to one master tracking number. ShipReady Packaging * Requires X5 ( New Feature ) You may be familiar with Bin tags that can be used to label a case or a group of items as long as they have the same SKU. LPNs or License plates allow you to tie together or barcode a group of different SKUs (for example on a pallet) into one searchable and scannable unit. Webhooks ( Improvement ) Our webhooks are getting more robust in an effort to increase usability and connectivity. You can ow use certificates for secure connections as well as add headers to webhook calls. Also more specifically with the Order Shipped Webhook now you can configure a webhook to send only when an order is shipped with certain shipping methods. Replenishments API ( Update ) We've changed that way we authenticate when calling our Open API in Replenishments Version 3. Also we have added support for LPNs if you want another system to send us SSCC or pallet barcode information for receiving. Security Updates ( Improvement ) There are some new security features that are designed to protect your data. Passwords now have minimum requirements moving forward; length and character type. Incorrect Login attempts will also the login for 15 minutes. LPN ( Improvement ) This feature launched in the last release and we have built a fair amount of improvements around the workflows for it. There is now a mobile workflow for receiving and moving LPNs. Also we have added support for LPN receiving into the Replenishment receiving view in the WMS.