Shipedge Version 10.5

OMS Account Login Optimization Improvement Logging into the OMS will now take you directly to the Orders View instead of the Wall. This decreases the loading time and allows you to start working in your account faster. The OMS can now be white-labeled *Requires Module Improvement White labeling will remove all mentions of Shipedge from the OMS and put your brand front and center for better brand consistency. Order Preview & Detail View Style Change Improvement Shipedge has improved the UI for order details, the fonts are now bigger and we use modern colors for a better user experience. Bulk action to turn on Pick and Pack for all mobile app users Improvement You can now make the pick and pack workflow available for all users but checking the checkbox in the column header for pick and pack. This way you don’t have to allow users to use this workflow by checking them one by one. Improvements on Billing module Improvement Billing has faster loading times for the All Transactions View and we have also improved the user experience by making it easier to use. Pod or Points of Delivery (POD) *Requires Module and Special Configuration New Feature Now any OMS can also have a lite WMS. POD features enhance last-mile capabilities with routing and its own mobile Application called eXos. The Points of Delivery can be created automatically in bulk by uploading them using a CSV file or manually. The possibility to easily transfer inventory from your OMS account to any POD. Easily create any SKU that you have in your warehouse. eXos New Feature New app (iOS and Android) that helps control inventory at any Point of Delivery location. Improvements on the Inventory Catalog View in the WMS. The Catlog View now allows printing barcodes for the needed inventory and it is easier to navigate. New feature - Option to access the product pictures from your integration channel or other sources. In the account settings of the OMS, by going to Communication Setting you have the ability to add the URL from your website or other desired source for linking the SKUs picture. This feature makes it easier to identificate the products from your inventory. Now visible in the catalog WebQC New Feature This new view in the WMS allows the user to verify package content while dividing shipments into multiple boxes. It offers the possibility to scan the shipping number, or enter manually and assign the products to the desired package in order to further review it. Multiple Synsets Names are now visible on Packing List The name of the Synset will automatically appear in the customer notes section of the packing list. Shipping Labels view improvements. The view is offering the option to display voided and return labels. It can also produce a picking summary related to a group of labels. In order to have that option, you need to scan the pick summary list with your WMS Pro App using a device to load all orders related to the labels. New Integrations V-Tex (beta) Wayfair Jumpseller Firestorm CommerceHub - requires special configuration Magento2 advanced BigCommerce V3 Multivende