WMS PRO APP version 25

Pick and Pack Improvements Distribution Jobs Shipedge offers a new way to operate called Distribution Jobs. The Pick and Pack workflow is for when the user usually picks many orders at a time and as the picker walks the isles they pick items and place them on a tray. (multiple orders) Jobs is designed for a single large order. It gives the possibility to load and assign Jobs to any device/user in the mobile App. New workflow -Pick to Carton The usual process is to scan an item, scan the tray, but since there is only one order scanning the same tray each time can be too much manual work. With the new features, the user will: Add a carton ID and optionally a packaging ID. From then on, any item the user scans is automatically assigned to that cartonID. That means picking is easier and faster. As soon as the carton is full, the users can scan another carton ID and keep working, everything will be assigned to that new carton ID. At the end of all the jobs for an order, as items move to shipping, it is treated as a multi-box order so each carton ID is a box with its content of SKUs in that particular box/carton. Another advantage of distribution jobs is that the manager can monitor the pickers processing the jobs of an order and can see the percentage of picks related to each job (fill rate). Finally, because we know things are not always perfect. If the picker can't find an item, they can skip that pick and go to the next. If an order can be sent in more than one shipment, the missing items are left in a new Shipment associated with the order. The manager will have the ability to assign jobs to another team to look for those missing items. Other improvements : Progress Communications by BIN number. New popup window to scan or add the serial numbers attached to a process. Pick & Pack options have been simplified. Improvements in the Replenishments View for a better user experience. Quality Control option is now available for multi-box orders: the user can add packages and content. It will appear in the Shipping view ready to get multibox labels to the WMS account. Re-counts are easier and no longer allow you to make changes in BIN or location. Also easier access from Inventory control to LPN for moves. Improved speed for Shipping actions Pick & Pack Reset now also clears serials in Shipedge WMS.