Shipedge Version 10.6

## New Integrations New Channels: Get order, update tracking and inventory Sync * Centra * Wix * Ripley * Amazon MCF (beta) * Amazon FBA Prep (3PL Ready) * Netsuite (normally requires custom work) * Shopify for Fulfillment Centers Networks * New Carriers: (Latin America) * 99 minutes * Ship & Go * Chazki * Blue Express * Treggo APIs: Mirror Webhooks: Update WMS inventory from external sources (ERP / WMS). Mirror Inventory API: Integrate data to and from other WMS / WES systems (FBA prep) API for Processing orders with support for Lots & Expiration (WMS API access by request) Mark orders as shipped by API with serials (WMS API access by request) Metadata Support for all transactional records API to Create Return Orders, Get status, etc API for Metadata related to Orders, Order_items, Item_serials Webhooks triggered by order status cancel. Amazon Seller Partner API FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon FBA) Import Shipped orders Fulfilled by Amazon FBA inventory sync and visibility (FBA as a DC) MCF (Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon) Send orders from any Shipedge Channel into FBA for fulfillment Shipedge can route orders to be fulfilled by Amazon FBA stock FBA inventory sync and visibility (FBA as a DC) Blank box Support (Blank box Inventory and Orders) Non Amazon Carrier Support FBA Inbound Shipment Plans (FBA Prep) Create Shipment Plans in Amazon Seller Central to replenish FBA inventory. Validate SKU can be sent to Amazon Fulfillment Centers (FBA active listing) Easily generate and print product labels (FNSKU), Carton Labels and more.. Create Shipping method Labels SPD & LTL using an Amazon Carrier account or your account. Amazon Vendor Central Direct (new program by invitation only) Get Orders sold by Amazon Fulfill Amazon Vendor Central order from your own warehouse Get Amazon shipping labels with automatic update tracking Sync Inventory available for sale to Amazon Vendor Central Improvements OMS Improved speed on: Replenishment View, Easier access to webhooks configurations view (new tab under My Account Preferences) Manual Order entry now supports Metadata for each Sku Create or Edit orders for Skus in Hurt, Reserved, or UOM/Packs -- Manually and by CSV from inside an order. Create RMA with Return Labels from any address and shipping method (shipping view only). Order Preview improvements to display special characters (as accents or characters from different languages). Improvement on the Inventory Upload CSV template (support for new separators). Add order now supports Synsets selling price. The ability to upload products using a CSV file when manually creating orders by using the Add Order functionality. Improved the Synset template for CSV uploads. Replenishment suggestion for “fill forecast by supplier” using a new more reliable algorithm. Replenishment now provides the ability to create serial numbers for any SKU with option serials = In/Out. The ability to print labels with any serial numbers was also provided. Action to finish processing “Incomplete Orders” (automated daily) Visible data downloads and reports use the Replica Database when possible Import CSV with list order#s to import orders from Shopify or Amazon Vendor Central Direct WMS Metadata attributes for item serial numbers including the ability to export this data. Improved reliability of VOID shipping labels from the shipped order preview Ability to process orders for Skus in Hurt, Reserve and UOM/packs. Warehouse Receiving Form available for printing from within the Replenishment view. Serials: Improved serial numbers view with the ability to generate and print serial number labels. Improved workflow for returns with serial numbers We’ve added more print labels sizes for inventory and warehousing labels. Improved workflow for receiving serialized products during replenishment. WebQC: Web interface for Quality control and multibox Shipping View workflows: New fields on advanced shipping filters New Inventory Sync forced actions inside Replenishment details view to update inventory on all integrated channels with that option. Recounts now liberate backorders immediately. Reports & Alerts: All reports and data-downloads from views can now use the Replica Database server in order to maximize speed and minimize disruption. New and improved Replenishments report. New notifications and alerts with in system popups App: Picking serialized Skus allows saving partial data. New - eXos app: Allows OMS/Pod to manage inventory off-site. Includes functionality for pick and pack, receiving, quality control, shipping and checkouts. Billing 3PL Improvement on the Value Added Services functionality for adding multiple values at once without having to close the window. OMS visible shipping price reflects shipping 3PL shipping method pricing adjustments 3PL users can now Close an OMS account: Turns all integrations Off and creates final orders (good, hurt, reserved) for final inventory removal. It will also cancel all expected returns, replenishments and unprocessed orders. Faster All transactions view for prices manager and the OMS client, including filters and csv export. Configurable fees for multi box shipments Integrations with Paypal for 3PL Billing. Plus hundreds of other reliability improvements, bug fixes and minor features. More info here