Shipedge Version 10.6.7

**Improvements** * Added ability to manually release orders with temporary status with a “Release” button in the Status column. * You can now configure International Settings: TaxID + Incoterms from the Processing Shipping view in the WMS. * Improvements to Processing & Shipping view. * ‘Set return label info’ button will only appear once the Include Return Label is selected. * Secondary OMS users can now be promoted to OMS account owner permissions. * Added ability to add an attachments to any shipped order. * Payment method Nickname is now required when adding new payment methods. * Serials view now allows you to view 5,000 records per page. **Security Improvements:** * Restricted the ability to upload .xlsx and .xls files. * Added security when uploading files. * Restricted use of the same password across user accounts. **Fixed Bugs** * Product SKUs are no longer erased when editing. * Added special characters support for SKUs. * Issue fixed for payment methods not showing on view. * Fields added through the android app will be updated in the web view. * Assigned Inventory default response for canceled orders fixed. * WebQC now has the same functionality as the QC workflow in the app. * Text overlay no longer covers the shipping barcode. * Duplicate SKU validation for SKU creation uploads. * Order template download issues fixed.