Shipedge Version 10.7.5

**New Features** * OMS: Fulfillment hubs (distribution centers) can be added and managed in the network view for order routing to multiple facilities. You can find this view in the OMS > Inventory > Distribution Center. * Added new print settings button for shipping label printing to make it easier to print labels in different sizes and formats. * Added a New Storage Billing Option - Per Qty, that charges based on the total number of units in a location. * Added a "Mapping products'' modal for the FTP integration setup where you can map products imported through a CSV file using a visual mapping view (similar to how you are able to map order uploads). Learn more here. * Added ability to move SKU quantity between different hubs. Learn more here. * Added a "Transfer orders for free" option for the superuser role. This allows you to transfer products between hubs without charging for handling or other typical picking fees. Learn how here. * Added a "Transfer View" setting for the superuser role to give you the ability to enable or disable the "transfer" option in the distribution center view of the OMS for other users. * Added ability to Initiate a return for orders with “Shipped by Hub” status from the Main OMS. * Added a "SPS Mapping'' modal setup where you can add and map up to 3 custom references to labels. **New Integration: ** * **Improvements:** * When orders are routed, the main OMS ID now gets attached to the routed order to make billing easier. * Ability to enable Two-Factor Authentication. Superusers can turn this on for other users. * Serials are now attached to each line item in a Replenishment and are downloadable. Learn more here. * OMS branches can now be created in the network view without automatically syncing SKUs. Learn more here. * Arabic is now supported in the system. * Network hubs setup: * * Ability to Relate a DC to a Store. * * Ability to Create a DC (Supplier) inside a microhub. * General improvements to divided orders process to support orders in Pending and Backorder. * Improved 'Exchange Now' process: an order is created only after edits or changes are completely saved. **Fixed Bugs** * Fixed: Orders getting stuck in routing due to XML or SOAP order format issues. * Fixed: Print size issues for labels generated in the shippinglabel.php view. * Fixed: Replenishment orders not being created when transferring inventory to a hub. * Fixed: HTTP Error 500 when attempting to open a replenishment in any status.