Shipedge Version 10.8.1

**Bugs** * Fixed: Orders imported from Mango not showing in orders view. **New Features** * New and Improved Add SKU view. - SKU's can now have one or multiple UOMs. * You can now add insurance to any shipment with the Easypost insurance integration. * New percentage field was added that assigns values to the internal dimension of the box type package. * New Zones module shows which locations belong to each zone. These can be edited or deleted. [Learn more](… * Now, viewers can see quantities of both HUBs and PODs in the Total Network modal. * WMS: Added ability to combine multiple orders into one order/shipment. You can do this through the new “Merge Order” button. [Learn more](… * WMS: New options available for Packaging process. To use them navigate to System Config > Operations > Packaging: * Select one Box by dimensions for orders up to 5 units * Select Box by Volume creating Multibox * Select Box by Volume creating Shipment (force divide) * Select Box by Shipedge's AI engine * WMS Super-users can now assign orders to other users from the processing view. * Super users can now limit the range of dates a user can generate reports. * A new function to our Shopify Integration called "Archive Orders" that will update the status of the order on Shopify to "Archived" and move to the tab "closed", this will prevent the order from being edited once it's already on Shipedge. *Read more in the link below* * [More details](