Shipedge Version 10.10.0

**Bugs** * Minor bug fixes **Improvements & New Features** **OMS** * New Upload inventory look: * Ability to drag and drop upload files. * CSV mapping capabilities. * New option to download Shopify-compatible inventory template. * Warning when using special characters for the SKU name. More details [here]( * Virtual SKU workflow: * Orders imported into Shipedge with a combination of regular SKUs and virtual Products will be divided into 2 orders: 1. A drop ship order that holds a record of the virtual products purchased and, 2. One order to be fulfilled with regular workflows. ![Orders 2023-02-17 10-19-00.png](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/16994/inline-05da5ddfd6cb37f8019236a19bcc379a.jpg) **WMS** * Improved speed on Bin History View. * Notes to the warehouse and notes to customers are now visible in the sidebar of the processing view. ![Processing 2023-02-17 10-29-09.png](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/16994/inline-f2aeffeaa7da7288b9ebb616922a112e.jpg) * Added Copy to clipboard option for the shipping number and the tracking link. * Now, the Shipping number and Timestamp can be seen in the Bin History view. * Added columns in the OMS Orders View, and WMS Processing View that display the last date orders were in a Pending status. **Mobile** * Additional validations on the mobile app MOVE function to prevent incidental concurrences of the same product. **Integrations** * eHub: A shipping API that helps businesses compare and find shipping rates between carrier providers across domestic and international shipments. * Zid marketlace * DSV - only available for South Africa. **APIs** * New "Add Returns" endpoint for the Returns API: * Added ability to create several returns at the same time. * Added functionality to assign Return orders to different carts using the *storeid* or *storename* parameters. * The Get_Returns API, now includes restocked information and its processed and requested dates. * Now, /API/Rest/v3.1/Orders/mark_as_shipped allows orders to be updated from Sent to Dropshipper to Shipped by Dropshipper through Alias/translators.