Shipedge Version 11.1.0

We're excited to announce our latest release for the Shipedge platform. This release includes several new features in the WMS as well as many improvements and bug fixes for both the OMS and WMS. **Be sure to also check out the [v11.1.0 UI Changelog]( to see updates to the user interface.** ## New Features **3PL Billing Module Enhancements (WMS)** * With the 3PL Billing Module activated WMS manager users now have additional main menu options and the ability to navigate to pages previously only accessible in the Prices account. [Learn More]( * Manager users with the 3PL Billing Module can now activate OMS accounts from the WMS. [Learn More]( **International Documents Module (WMS)** * A new International Documents module is now available for an additional cost. This module enhances the shipping Batches view with the ability to generate documents such as Customs Invoice, H.S. Code Summary, Transfer of Ownership, and more for multiple shipments at a time. To learn more and request pricing please contact your TAM or sales rep. **Manual Sub-status Adjustments (WMS)** * Users can now manually change the sub-status of shipped orders. [Learn More]( **LPN Replenishment Configuration (WMS)** * Warehouses can now be configured to require an LPN for receiving replenishments (off by default). [Learn More]( **Recall Report** * This new report provides essential information for tracking and managing recalls, ensuring accurate and timely response to potential issues related to Lot or Expiration concerns. [Learn More]( **API v4 - Endpoint Enhancements** * New endpoint: POST Revert allows WMS users to revert a shipment in processing status back to pending. * New endpoint: PATCH Replenishment allows updates to an existing replenishment. * Update: GET Replenishment endpoint now separates data for the same SKUs in multiple LPNs in the same replenishment. *Note: API v4, released in v11.0, has updated documentation available at https:// < your warehouse id >* ## Improvements **WMS** * Shipping Labels view updated with more intuitive filtering and design updates consistent with other areas of the platform. [Learn More]( * Sub-statuses for shipped orders are now selectable in the Status column of the All Orders page. * Picking Log view has been enhanced to include elapsed time, display multi-box information, and allow searching/sorting by pallet or box ID. [Learn More]( * Corrections History now displays bin numbers even if the bin has been deleted. * Replenishments now display the Username of the user who received the SKUs into a location. * Billing menu relabeled to Admin Reports with menu selection changes * New menu options: OMS Accounts, Shipping Methods * Removed (deprecated) menu options: Statements, Service Summary, Project Clock * OMS Accounts page was added to allow WMS manager users the ability to activate OMS accounts. * Flow Bin inventory rotation has been renamed to **Priority-based inventory rotation**. This method will select the bin based on inventory rotation set in the OMS for each SKU or the WMS configured operations. If activated, it will search the bin within the highest available priority level. If deactivated, it will ignore priority levels and find the best bin in the whole warehouse. [Learn More]( **OMS** * Speed performance improvements for Inventory screen when loading a large number of SKUs. * Users can now create a replenishment from the OMS Inventory view. [Learn More]( * Oversold SKUs are now indicated via a button at the top of the OMS Catalog view. [Learn More]( * Third party billing information for shipping now allows duties and taxes to be paid by third parties. * Country is now a required field when entering third-party billing/shipping information. [Learn More]( * Users can now generate a new API key *(My Account→Prefernces→API Configuration)* **System Wide** * Improvements to security-related features and protocols. ## Bug Fixes **WMS** * Corrected an issue where bins in certain location categories (e.g. Staged, Blocked) were incorrectly able to be set as min/max bins. * Adjusted the Daily Inventory Changes report to 90 days to prevent data overload resulting in an unsuccessful download. * Improved the Value Added Services selection to ensure it would display the proper list even without refreshing the page. * Advanced Processing Filters will now properly display orders even when the Max Line Items Quantity is left blank. * Corrected an issue where in some cases using Wave function would not properly calculate order weight in the Processing view. * When sending orders from Pending to Processing, the picking location prioritization was not always operating the same between Process and Wave. * Corrected an issue where dividing multi-box orders would not always divide logically. * Batch numbers will now correctly update in all views if an order is removed from a batch and added to another. * Processing view sidebar allows decimal input again for box dimensions. * Improved order processing view to prevent scenarios where orders would become stuck in processing if multiple users were interacting with it. (Example: User A marks an order as shipped while User B still sees it processing and attempts to generate another label.) **OMS** * Shipping carriers with no shipping methods configured are no longer able to be used on an order. * Inventory exports in Excel format now function correctly when filtering by 1,000 rows. * Corrected an issue where inventory alerts were intermittently not being received. * Corrected an issue where UPC's were not always displaying in the Inventory view. * Third-party billing information (name, address, etc.) will now properly display if apostrophes are included. * When uploading SKUs to an order via CSV, increased the file size limit to prevent unnecessary errors from displaying. * Updated validation when uploading SKU inforamtion via CSV that caused the same product image to appear multiple times. * Inventory metadata now loads correctly when filtering by max rows or changing pages. * OMS > Reports > Statements Report updated to allow download of 3 months at a time to prevent reports getting stuck for data overload. **System Wide** * Report fields will now properly display data containing accented characters such as ñ á é í ó ú. * Corrected an issue where in some instances the shipping rate quotes were showing twice for the same method. * Updated the way that BOM SKU uploads are handled to prevent scenarios where data does not update correctly. * SKU History will no longer present an error if the SKU description contains special or accented characters such as such as á é í ó ú. * SKUs with registered trademark special characters in the description will now display correctly. * Model and Harmonization Code SKU fields now properly allows period (.) and hyphen (-) characters.