Shipedge Version 11.1.0 UI Changelog

Starting with Version 11.1.0, we will begin publishing a supplementary changelog highlighting new user interface (UI) updates. You'll find two sections, OMS and WMS, each with a brief description of the update and reference images. For full details on the latest release, check out the [v11.1.0 Release Notes]( # OMS ## Creating Replenishments from OMS Inventory View From the **Inventory** view, OMS users now have the ability to create a replenishment. Select a SKU or group of SKUs, select **Actions** then **Create Replenishment**. A popup will allow entry of basic replenishment information, then selecting **Create** will take you to the Replenishment screen to finish editing and submitting. ![image11.png-570](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-af06e444158679a92b753042ee114728.jpg) ![image23.png-9916](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-4824b0bbb43501d4663c8beb394d4f63.jpg) ![image21.png-8017](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-98fd644241bd335565cb765e0e7fb1b7.jpg) ## Oversold SKUs icon in the OMS Inventory View When an order is created/submitted with more than the available quantity (e.g. 25 available, 30 sold), an icon for **Oversold** will appear in the **Inventory** view. Selecting the **Oversold** link/button will automatically filter the view to only show the oversold SKU(s). Selecting **Reset** will remove the filter and return to regular view. ![image4.png-7509](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-590ea4f9c5345bc6563321839403d834.jpg) ![image19.png-4559](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-83e584631c49bd3760446ad45409b651.jpg) ![image5.png-6037](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-0bc386226cc0f15d0f9efc331ceb7fd5.jpg) ## Country field required for Third Party Shipping Country is now a required field when entering third party billing (shipping) information and prompts a warning if not entered. This can be found via **Orders β†’ Integrations** then for an individual sales channel selecting the **Menu** icon then selecting **3PT Configuration**. ![image18.png-5294](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-72008a8f2bec45b9566d228ffd31bfeb.jpg) ![image3.png-1505](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-caa720c85c6405dda2c1d17241c54b22.jpg) ![image27.png-6511](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-cdae51d775240102322df1d8e5e1eeec.jpg) # WMS ## LPN can be set to mandatory on Replenishments Warehouses can now be configured to require an LPN for receiving replenishments. **By default this is OFF** (no change to warehouse flow). To turn it on, the **warehouse manager user** can navigate to **System Config β†’ Preferences** then from the **Operations** tab scroll to the bottom and set **LPN Mandatory** to **Yes**. With this set to Yes, WMS users will then be prompted to enter an LPN when receiving a replenishment. ![image17.png-426](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-2e96101e6385312625a28aec8fad37c2.jpg) ![image37.png-9307](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-ec7171eca423771f58a858b54676cf5b.jpg) ## Priority-based Inventory Rotation Flow Bin inventory rotation has been renamed to **Priority-based inventory rotation**. This method will select the bin based on inventory rotation set in the OMS for each SKU or the WMS configured operations. If activated, it will search the bin within the highest available priority level. If deactivated, it will ignore priority levels and find the best bin in the whole warehouse. To enable this the **warehouse manager user** can navigate to **System Config β†’ Preferences** then from the **Operations** tab you will see the checkbox to enable this. ![image32.png-3642](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-0401c72532ca87082cfedcc215211ee6.jpg) ## Billing menu selection renamed to Admin Reports Within the top menu you will now find **Admin Reports** (formerly labeled Billing). Within this menu are the following changes: 1. **Dashboard** now listed before Reports. 2. New menu options: **OMS Accounts, Shipping Methods** 3. Removed (*deprecated*) menu options: **Statements, Service Summary** *Note: Project Clock is still available but may be off by default and can be activated upon request, therefore it's not show in the New screenshot below.* | ![image36.png-1777](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-b9a5a24765ff3a68fa2ce34b6ee97e20.jpg) | ![image38.png-4960](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-8dc39e6fa63be2229295d591259ab54f.jpg) | | -------- | -------- | ## OMS activation from WMS **WMS manager users** can now activate OMS accounts from the WMS. From the main menu navigate to **Admin Reports β†’ OMS Accounts**. From the **OMS Accounts** page find the account you wish to activate then select Inline Edit, check the **Active** box, then select **Update** or **Cancel**. *(Note: By default, new OMS accounts are deactivated.)* ![image30.png-647](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-d75c4c0bccde72f1b75edda0b404c82a.jpg) ![image41.png-2934](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-6e40e55121207e43158636fd566e66ec.jpg) ## Manual adjustment to Sub-Status Users now have the ability to manually change the substatus of shipped orders. Select **Shipped** from the top menu, then select an order or group of orders, select **Actions**, then **Change Sub-Status**. From the pop-up choose the Sub-Status then select Save. The Sub-Status column will display the selected status. This column also functions as a filter view for the page. ![image24.png-7876](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-9ecf521250f04c33043467fd2607f561.jpg) ![image22.png-9709](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-7ac6832913d4965ccd46c3d4204272c5.jpg) ![image39.png-4557](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-cfaa6bec1cdfefef0f97435349139ede.jpg) ![image34.png-1106](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-b72fee2cf37da06395f80b34697fca01.jpg) ## Filter Shipped Orders by Sub-Status Sub-statuses for shipped orders are now selectable in the Status column of the All Orders page. From the WMS select **All Orders** from the top menu bar. Click the **Status** column and scroll to the bottom of the list and you will find the corresponding sub-statuses which you can select to filter the view. ![image2.png-8771](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-0ac01d59e00649149cc40e1773206a8e.jpg) ## Received SKUs Summary - New Column When SKUs from a replenishment have been received and the qty received releases network backorders, it will be visible via a CSV download generated by selecting the **Released SKU Summary** on the Replenishments page. It is also available for a completed replenishment on the **Summary of Replenishment**. The CSV will show the BIN, SKU, Qty Release, Number of Orders. ![image16.png-9437](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-d6da09e4048f75ff1924a7d87dca9e23.jpg) ![image13.png-8573](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-57ec9925d165521690dc6229c28834cc.jpg) ![image35.png-9478](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-1ff0e2777b7ae5f8d9e854acc2ff5d7a.jpg) ## Replenishments View - Username Display Replenishments in processing now display the Username of the user who put away the SKU once it is received into a location. ![image1.png-5695](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-d5ef15900613f2eed1de99be28483fa8.jpg) ## Recall Report New report added that helps track items with Lot/Expiration that have been shipped in the event of a recall. From the WMS navigate to **Admin Reports β†’ Reports**. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find **Recall Report** and to generate select **View**. From the pop-up fill in the **Account**, **Date Range**, **SKU** and or **Lot** and select **Generate**. You will be redirected to the report list page and once processed you can select **DownloadCSV**. ![image40.png-890](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-191b6d75cf8fc4e3bcfe6a880e9ac469.jpg) ![image28.png-9445](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-f74463327b2badd1cae49b8492292827.jpg) ![image8.png-8010](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-f37840db9ec84f7a4a2e83b60afe9c95.jpg) ## Shipping Labels View improvements Shipping Labels view updated with more intuitive filtering and design updates consistent with other areas of the platform. **Navigate to Shipped β†’ Shipping Labels** and see changes listed below. 1. **Waiting To Print** quick filter improved to avoid conflicting header filters such as also selecting β€œPrinted”. The quick filter selection overrides other selections. (No direct view change, just an improvement in functionality.) ![image33.png-6386](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-9774e2681d1c8cf9bbf03e011b373834.jpg) 2. When printing a label the Print button has been renamed to **Print And Ship** and now additionally moves the order from Processing to Shipped during the same action. Find an order Waiting To Print, click the …> actions menu, then select **Print Label**, from the popup select **Print And Ship**. ![image12.png-1070](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-35ae53b2464caf0bf4f88bf7b4ecad00.jpg) ![image29.png-2535](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-8147f6484ec5153322aef7c98d88a850.jpg) 3. The **VOID** button has been removed from the green **Actions** button as well as the individual order ..> actions menu leaving only **VOID And Revert To Processing** as the functions were redundant. ![image9.png-3537](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-cc761c4230f6630c599cbc20a62dcb57.jpg) ![image20.png-9825](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-01a547811a99b71e391eb2d110b4be03.jpg) 4. When a label is voided, there is now an additional notice text in the popup. This is seen when clicking the **…>** actions menu then selecting **VOID And Revert To Processing**. ![image20.png-9825](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-01a547811a99b71e391eb2d110b4be03.jpg) ![image25.png-1963](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-7e26ee7a3437a744607d8ee908373c27.jpg) 5. **Voided Labels** are no longer able to be printed. *(No direct view change, just a change in function.)* 6. From the **…>** action menu for an order, *Ship Activity Log* has been renamed to **Activity Log**. ![image15.png-948](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-6adf357ef2990a53b6a8e28cfcc26406.jpg) 7. **Type** column now includes a filter selection for **Processing**. *Note: Processing status indicates that the label has been generated but not yet printed.* ![image31.png-411](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-f599b0ba06e695f3d819a822fc1efe39.jpg) 8. *Client - Store Name* header has been renamed **Company Name**. ![image14.png-5804](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-5a7380232b1435273addfe0e30278414.jpg) 9. **Print Status** labels/icons have been updated: *printed* β†’ **Printed**, *Waiting for print* β†’ **Waiting To Print** ![image10.png-6122](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-a5b8d73c55d455a4960863a8f3d348fe.jpg) 10. *Advanced filter* button is now renamed to **Advanced Filters**. ![image26.png-9418](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-89957ec1bd09192b74bdce848e16f66f.jpg) 11. Within the **Advanced Filters** popup several items have been relabeled: *Ships#* β†’ **Ship#**, *Batchs#* β†’ **Batch#**, *Trackings#* β†’ **Tracking#**, *OrderNum#* β†’ **Order#**, *Client-StoreName* β†’ **Company Name**, *Channels* β†’ **Channel** ![image6.png-9885](BASE/products/886523714/changelog/29971/inline-f07e7b06c22d7d6fa58a2601fe7cf67f.jpg)