Shipedge Version 11.2.0

We're excited to announce our latest release for the Shipedge platform. This release includes new features as well as many improvements and bug fixes for both the OMS and WMS. **Be sure to also check out the [v11.2.0 UI Changelog]( to learn more about updates to the user interface.** ## New Features ### Wave & Process Functions Combined * The Wave & Process functions in the WMS Pending view have been combined into a single function called Process. This provides a streamlined and more efficient experience for daily warehouse activities such as moving orders to processing or applying procedures. ### Time Zone Configuration (WMS) * Time Zone is now configurable per warehouse (WMS→System Config→Preferences→Operations). When configured, this applies to timestamps in all WMS and OMS views. ### API v4 - New Endpoints * WMS - Added the ability to perform BIN recounts via API (POST/recount). * *See documentation at https:// < your warehouse id >* * OMS - Added the ability to retrieve information on Manufacturing Jobs (GET/manufacture). * *See documentation at https:// < your warehouse id >* ## Improvements ### WMS * When receiving, returning, or changing the status of serialized SKUs the system will enforce that they are placed into a Location/BIN with a matching category. For example, if a serial is changed from status Ready to Hurt, it must then be placed into a "Hurt" location and bin. * The Allow & Deny text for Update Permission (WMS→Inventory→Catalog→Actions) has been updated to be more explicit that it's for editing permissions. * When exporting to CSV/Excel in the Catalog view, the dimensions and weight are now separated into separate columns. * The Pending & All Orders views now have the Activity Log as a menu option in the ...> individual order actions button. This provides easy access to the log regardless of the order status. * Storage Billing Model selections in Price List By Seller now allow individual selections per location type by default. * OMS Automation Rules can now be configured (turned On/Off) per OMS from the Premium Services view. * ***Note: Usage of OMS automation rules is an additional fee per OMS per month. Fees will be applied automatically after the trial period ends.*** ### OMS * Orders uploaded via CSV will now: * Detect and ignore empty rows to avoid false positive errors. * Reject entries that do not have a Shipping Method. * API v4 - OMS functions POST/cancel & POST/cancel-bulk were improved to better align to normal system cancel functions allowing for more order statuses to be canceled and appropriate inventory updates based on status. * When exporting to CSV/Excel in the Inventory view, the dimensions and weight are now separated into separate columns. * Wayfair integration inventory update types have been expanded to allow users to select between differential and true_up. ## Bug Fixes ### WMS * Corrected an issue where an LPN may become removed when receiving the same SKU into the same BIN at different times. * Corrected an intermittent issue where the packaging information was not displaying on the packing slip. * Recounts via BIN Management CSV upload for serialized SKUs were improved and now validates and functions the same as Inventory Corrections. * Improved the visual representation of orders voided within a batch to prevent the batch from showing as empty. * Removed the ability to void shipping labels within the individual order view to prevent scenarios where the order and label state become mis-matched causing abnormal behavior when reprocessing an order. *Note: Please use the Shipping Labels view to manage label voids.* ### OMS * Minor fixes related to the Upload Synset function. * Corrected an intermittent issue where Supplier was not saving correctly when uploading SKUs via CSV. * When adding a secondary user to an OMS, the same password validations and requirements followed when creating a primary user are now enforced. * Replenishments uploaded via CSV now ignore empty rows to prevent unexpected system behavior. * Corrected an intermittent issue where an order would appear as though it was eligible for cancellation when it was already in a Processing status.