Shipedge Version 11.3.0 - Release Notes

We're excited to announce the release of v11.3.0 🎉 This release includes several new features such as Unit of Measure and many improvements to WMS and OMS functions such as being able to Unblock a bin from the web interface and improvements to the Ship Method Translator. In the coming weeks servers will begin receiving this new version. Keep an eye out for a banner on your server announcing the date and time. ***Be sure to also check out the [v11.3.0 UI Changelog]( to learn more about updates to the user interface.*** ## New Features ### Unit of Measure (UOM) - New and Updated Functionality ⚖️ We've given UOM a major overhaul! Contact your account manager for information on pricing and activation. - **OMS & WMS** views have been updated to better display UOM Pack details such as unit factor and available quantity. Certain API v4 endpoints have also been updated to display UOM details. - Order, Replenishment, and Inventory management functions improved to better support UOM interaction such as linking an Alias to a specific UOM, changing the UOM Pack type upon receipt, or converting an existing Bin with UOM to single units. - **Break Pack** added as a new WMS function. When viewing Pending orders for single units (eaches) and attempting to Process, if there is not enough single unit quantity available to fulfill the order, the system will flag the order and suggest available UOM Packs to break down into singles to satisfy the order. - **Mobile** has also been updated to support UOM interaction with Pick & Pack, Cycle & Blind Counts, Moves, and Replenishments. *App version 25.4.0 is required* *Note: UOM is billed as separate module and not included with Lot / Expiration Date module. For more details contact your account manager or sales rep.* ### Chat Intercom 💬 * A new Chat module is now available. This displays in the bottom right corner of all OMS and WMS views allowing easier visibility and accessibility for posting and replying to topics. To activate, please contact your account manager. [*Learn More*]( ### Commercial Invoice - Mark As Sample Or Gift (WMS) 🎁 * Added the ability to add tags to the order in the Processing side panel. These tags allow you to add additional metadata for the carrier specifically for defining a shipment as a Sample or Gift specifically for generating Commercial Invoices. Currently available tags are: `sample` `gift` `merchandise` `other` - [*Learn More*]( *Keep an eye out for future enhancements to tags!* ### Inventory Bin Receipt Date Toggle (WMS) ☑️ * By default, the system only updates the receipt date for a Bin during receiving of a Replenishment, which is important when using Standard Max Efficiency, FIFO, and LIFO inventory rotation. If activated, this new function will also update the receipt date for either Corrections (e.g. Recounts, Blind Counts) and/or Returns based on your selections which allows for a wider variety of workflows. *Please carefully consider your warehouse operations in order to determine if these system actions should update the receipt date per Bin.* ### Order Shipped Webhook v3 (OMS) 📦 * Added Version 3 (v3) to Order Shipped webhook event which now includes Sysnset and Alias data per SKU when applicable. ## Improvements ### System Wide * When selecting Signature Required for an order, you can additionally specify if it's Adult Signature Required. * The Shipped Orders With RMA report has been improved to include the quantity returned for good, hurt, and total units. * Channel Integrations that are deleted will now have the Channel Name persist in order views to ensure visibility on the associated channel even after deletion. * Description text has been added for each Rule trigger to provide clarity on how it is triggered. ### WMS * Added the ability to Unblock a BIN from the Inventory view. [*Learn More*]( * The ability to Get Rates for multi-box shipments through EasyPost and eHub has been improved to display totals per shipment of all boxes. * When editing a previously saved Advanced Filter in the Processing view, an additional option will be available to Save As New Filter. This will allow easy duplication of existing filters especially when they are very complex. * In WMS->System Config->Operations, the Packaging Process has been updated as well as renamed to Packaging Predictions. As part of the updates we've added the option to turn this setting on/off as well when selecting a box by dimensions you can select between 1 to 7 units. [*Learn More*]( * Batches view has been updated to include a Progress column that shows the percentage completion of label generation for the batch. * Grid Picking has been improved to also allow scanning of the SKU instead of only UPC. * Updated the messaging when attempting to print a voided label. * In the Serials view, when selecting Add Serial the Location selection has been improved to allow typing in a location name to filter results. ### OMS * Order Rules have been updated to include AND / OR for Filters which provides increased flexibility in rule creation. [*Learn More*]( * Improved the Ship Method Translator view - [*Learn More*]( * Added 'blank' as a wildcard option to allow configuration of a ship method in ShipEdge even when the Channel Integration does not pass any value. This will help prevent orders from going into API Error. * Easier viewing and typing to filter results in the ShipEdge Code column. * Activity Log has been updated to capture when an order is created via CSV upload. * Replenishment Initiated and Replenishment Received webhooks have been updated to include Lot Number and Expiration Date data. * When creating a new SKU, the Harmonization field is now available. Previously this was only available after the SKU had been created. * Added a message to the Channel Automation page advising that access to PII is required to facilitate the transfer of sensitive data such as addresses and phone numbers during order import. ### API v4 * POST/inventory/products and PATCH/inventory/products endpoints have been updated to allow Harmonization Code input when creating or editing products. * POST/Replenishment endpoint was updated to optionally allow input of SKU dimensions. This can be useful for any SKUs that do not already have that data or if it needs to be updated. * *Note: API v4, released in v11.0, has updated documentation available at:* * *OMS - https:// < your warehouse id >* * *WMS (login required) - https:// < your warehouse id >* ## Bug Fixes ### WMS * Corrected an intermittent issue where two different labels can be generated for the same order. * Corrected an issue where X-Link scale function was not working properly with multi-box orders. * Fixed behavior of certain scenarios where the order status of a divided order may show differently when being viewed from the Processing vs. All Order views. * Updated the CSV export from the All Orders view to ensure that it is formatted correctly. * When generating serials during replenishment receipt, corrected an issue where the loading screen would persist even after serials were generated. ### OMS * Improved the way that Order Date and In Pending Date for an order are handled to ensure that when an order is edited, the original order date is not changed.