ShipEdge - My Accounts Statement and Client's Reconciling

Hi ShipEdge team, I have had a number of clients message me over the months about statements and not being able to reconcile ShipEdge statements. Upon digging further I can see where their confusion is. Please see the attached images. i. In My Account -> Statements that the Total Expenses column does not include Credit Card Payment Fees. ii. What is the significance of the Total below the Final Balance column. How is this number helpful? iii. On the statements themselves, ShipEdge does not factor in the Credit Card Payment Fee as an expense, but as a payment. This is incorrect according to standard bookkeeping practices. Attached our images showing how the presentation of the information creates confusion when reconciling. Fixes: - Change the category of the Credit Card Payment Fee so that it shows as an Expense, not a payment. Make sure it is factored into total expense. - Remove the sum of the Final Balance column, without a reference to payments or current balance, this is an arbitrary number that serves no purpose. - If you are trying to give clients a summary of what they owe, or a full picture, include each statement's balance, payments, and current balance / rolling balance.