Advnced filters to search for multiple specific items on orders (SynSets)

Currently you can create filters to look for certain items, you can add multiple SKU's but the search field searches as (And/Or) If a clinet sets up a synset that calls in 3 items there is no way to set up searches for this. If you enter all 3 items in the SKU search field it will show you all orders that contain the items listed, even if you limit the SKU qty to 3 Min/Max there is no way to verift that someone didnt orders a different SKU. As an example. For simplicity a clinet has 5 SKU's they have a Synset that groups SKU's 1,2,3 onto orders. The goal is to batch these orders using a filter search. If you enter all 3 SKU's under the SKU field and limit the number of sku's on the order to 3Min/3Max, you will get these orders. However because the SKU portion of the search is an and/or you will also see orders where somone ordered just SKU1 as well as SKU4 and SKU5. Lets say you use the exclude SKU function and exclude SKU4 and SKU5, now you run a search for 3 Min/3 Max you will see only orders that contain the 3 SKU's you want but in any configuration. So if someone ordered 1 of SKU 1 and 2 of SKU 3 that result will appear in your search. A better way would be SKU's that are enterted as is SKU1,SKU2,SKU3 will use the search as an and/or as is currently done. However is you enter the SKU's as "SKU1","SKU2","SKU3" that will only return orders in which all 3 items appear on the order. Then you can limit the qty count to 3 Min/3Max and every search will return the exact orders you are looking for. With the new way to have many more saved searches, this would be a nice addition so common orders can be confidently batched with 100% accuracy that the batch contains the exact orders you are looking for.