Prices account Dashboard

There are reports that can be used to dig through to see the sales/profit of most areas in shipedge: 1) Packaging report gives cost and sell price of packaging 2) Ledger transaction log can be used to get Pick and pack total billing, VAS total billing, man hour total billing Storage total billing 3) Holistic shipping report can be used to calsule cost of shipping vs sell price of shipping. With the exception of labor shipedge has access to the cost and sell price of nearly every order that passes through it. It would be great if ShipEdge could save all warehouses the headaches of needing to run each of these report to extract the needed info and have a simple dashboard. Select yesterdays date and be presented with a few boxes that contain all of the info: Packaging Sold $$$/ Cost $$$ Profit$$$ Next box shipping: Base Price: $$$ Mared up: $$$$ Profit $$$ etc. Total Pick and pack fees: $$$ Total VAS Fees$$$ total storage fees$$$. It just doesnt feel like you should need to dig through quite so many different reports to pull out the one piece of information that is so critical to the health of a business, the PROFIT.