Allow "Send what's Available" to bypass orders with no items to split.

FROM OTW1: Let's say I have SKU A and SKU B. I am OOS of SKU A, but have stock of SKU B. I have 500 backorders, and 250 of them have just SKU A, and the other 250 have SKU A and SKU B. My shipment of SKU A just got delayed, so I need to send the 250 orders out that have SKU B by "Send What's Available". Currently, if I try and filter to backorders and select all 500 and "Send What's Available" it won't work because the 250 that just have SKU A cause it to throw an error because there is nothing you can send from those orders. So, as of now, you have to manually go through each order, determine what is in the order and check the checkbox on each one individually that needs to be divided, avoiding the ones that don't, in order for Send What's Available to work. I would suggest that the function is updated to ignore orders that don't have anything that can be sent so you don't have to go through hundreds or thousands of orders individually.