Option to prevent orders with bundle Synset items to be divided.

Because sales channels do not have the ability to differentiate a SKU as a bundle synset in Shipedge, add a validation that would either prevent said items from being divided when they are a part of a bundle Synset, or alert a user that the items they are trying to divide belongs to a Synset and confirm yes or no to divide. Since the order in the shopping channel would update that SKU as being shipped and marked as fulfilled even if it was only partially fulfilled, this will give the user the option to avoid confusion and not ship the items until the entire synset can be fulfilled. As it is sometimes difficult for users to know what components are a part of a Synset and what isn't when they have multiple synsets, this would prevent accidentail division of Synset components and confusion on the end receipient thinking their entire order has shipped when only part of it acutally has.