Assign a standard packing item to an SKU

There should be a way to assign a specific packaing item to be used at the SKU level. When that item appears on a single line order ShipEdge will default to calling in that packaging item. i.e SKU ABC fits in a 10 x 8 poly mailers so the 10 x 8 mailer is selected on the warehosue side on the SKU detial page. Each and every time an order appears with 1 of SKU ABC shipedge will not try and determine the best packaging but will utelize the packaging type that has been harcoded to that item. The issue is that currently the packaging estimator works OK when boxes are being used but in our experience never calls in a poly or bubble bag. Allowing the warehouse to set this up once where item ABC should be placed in a 10 x 8 poly will allow single line item orders to be batch printed faster vs having to run filters, then update the packaging type to then print the batch. We have tried to correct this using the built in functions but nothing seems to fix the bag issue: 1) On the SKU file if we update the items packaging type to be envelope it still calls in a box. 2) We have also messed with making a packaging type specific for certain SKU's on the packaging screen but the system still calls in boxes not bags when items appear on orders.