Edits to orders should not change the priority of the order

Currently if a clinet has a high volume where they are going into back order there is an issue when they try to make any changes to an order. When you make a change to an order ShipEdge now considers that order to have been entered on the date and time the edit was completed. As an example a client has 100 orders in back order and 80 units are arriving tomorrow. Should be simple in that the oldest 80 orders will be assigned inventory. However if the client wants to modify the shipping method on the oldest order to 2nd day vs ground, that oldest order now receives a time and date stamp with todays date. Meaning when the 80 units are received in the order that was just updated to have expedited shipping will now not receive one of the units that has arrived. We can see 2 ways to correct this: 1) Keep the original time stamp that is used to allocate inventory to orders and add a new field that shows the last date modified. The modified date will not be taken into account for any sort of inventory allocation. Additionally if moving an order to "editing" has the potential to unallocate the inevntory that was allocted to the order make it so inventory can remain allocated to an order in editing. Or if this is not possible then: 2)If the act of putting an order into editing is what is causing this i.e the item is over sold and once an order is in editing it can not keep inventory allocated then add a way to modify parts of the order while keeping the inventory how it is. So a client can change a shipping method, modify notes or add an attachment without needing to move the whole orders into an editing status. Something that allows high volume accounts to be able to make minor changes to an order without then needing to go into the prioritization screen trying to reallocate inventory to orders in the order in which they arrived. Also worth noting if you use the "Hold" function built into shipedge you at somepoint need to release that order and in doing so you need to update the shipping method from hold to an actual shipping method. These orders also lose their inevntory if the item has been oversold which seems odd since the whole intent is to hold the inevntory to that item. Again this all stems from ShipEdge changing the date stamp and also not keeping inventory allocated to orders in an editng status.