Picking for Manufacturing Job

Currently when you create a manufacturing job a non barcoded list of items needed is printed as the job ticket for the warehouse. In many cases items that are being kitted may also contain barcodes, currently there is no way for the production team to confrim they have been delievred the correct items to put together. Even if you have loaded pictures of all the sub cimponenets into the system there is no way to call them up when retrieving the items short of manually typing each SKU into the inventory moduel on an android. Would be helpful if similar to the picking sumary available when printing orders there was a single barcode present at the top of the job ticket. This would allow the job to be handed to a picker, have all items scanned or visually confirmed against the picture in ShipEdge to ensure accuracy, then delivered to production for the final assembly. Manufacturing jobs are registed as shipments when viewed on the clients side so it should be possible to do this, or in worst case use the QC screen to scan the items after they have been picked (the 1st option would be preferable).