Bulk Upload Billing adjustments

There should be a way to upload billing adjustments via CSV. This should be offered in 2 ways 1) The standard which is currently listed under shipped orders> Billing adjustment. This is useful for billing back fees that are not associated with a specific order or replenishment. 2) A way to upload "Adjustments" currently available by locating an order on the shipped orders page, going into the order detail and using the adjustment at the bottom. This would be the option that is normally used to add things like carrier shargebacks on orders. Lets the cleint know exactly what order that fee was attibuted to. For the 1st option, probably makes sence to have the CSV include: Account, Amount, billing class, description For option 2 It would be amazing if a tracking number could be used in lue of an order number since on carriers bills when we have 100's of minor corrections to make this is the one constant on all orders. If a client has modified the information that goes into reference field 1 or 2 on the carrier label using the customize BOL option available in their system the order number may not be present on the carriers documentation. This does mean that ShipEdge will need to make all tracking numbers searchable. Currently if an order contains more than 1 box, only the 1st tracking number is searchable in any screen available with the exception of the Prices account. So for #2 it would be Tracking number, Amount, Billing class, Description The above would allow a company to pull reports from carriers and easiy bill back all carrier adjustments vs the current model of going order by order and manually adding each correction to its corresponding order.