Create Address Label for Non-Tracked orders

Is there an ability to develope a feature for orders that do not get shipped as a tracked package to still generate the address label via Shipedge? As an example our largest client can have 500-1000 orders a day. These are small lighweight, low value items that they opt to have shipped via "Lettermail" Service (no tracking numbers) so the postage is not paid for or obtained via Easypost and Canada Post (we are in Canada) While we can print the packing slips as per normal...we have no ability to create an address label efficiently to attach to the package as we are not purchasing a postage label for these Lettermail items. It would be a huge asset to us if Shipedge was able to develope an option to print on a 4x6 label format the Return address (warehouse WMS address) and the Customer address ideally with every packing slip (creating two pages) or atleast as a seperate option for these orders we manually mark as shipped once processed. Happy to discuss further with the development team if there are additional questions. And happy to receive a projected quote to add this feature. Thank you