move orders to shipped when labels are printed from "shipping labels" view

Currently when processing orders, if we print labels from the "Shipping Labels" option (under shipped tool bar drop down), It will not move the order to shipped, but requires us to go back to the "processing" view and print labels from there. The rouble with this is that we can't print "like" SKU's from this menu. i.e. we have 100 orders and each order has multiple boxes/SKUs. If we want to print all the labels with one specific SKU there is no search option available in the processing view to do this. This is what makes the "shipping labels" view so valuable. As such, please either allow that when we print from the "Shipping labels" view, the order is marked as shipped (which is how it used to work until your most recent update), or provide search filter options that allow us to do the same function from the processing view. Either will work, but we need this fixed ASAP, because when we are processing thousands of orders per day, trying to make sure labels moved to shipped appropriately between the two menues is extremely time consuming and tedious.