Pickers assign orders from available work

When a picker completes a cart there should be a way for them to pull in more orders. This would end the need to manually print each order to a pick ticket. Alternatively to use the system that is already in place a way to assign a tray while picking vs while loading the cart. Office assigns orders to a picker via the web. The picker selects how many orders to pull in at a given time. i.e the picker has 100 orders assigned to them and they want to pull in 24 orders for that round of picking. The android pulls in those 24 orders and there is no need to assign a tray or bin at that moment. Picker picks the 1st item and the android tells them to pick a tray. The picker scans the 1st tray. Then this process follows. If the picker picks a 2nd item for an order that already has a bin assigned they are simply told to scan that bin vs picking a new bin. This would save hours of administrative time printing and handing out physical pick tickets. Also thinking if there was a way to tell ShipEdge the size of our bins i.e we use small bins that are this size, large bins that are this size and for larger orders each self on our pick cart has this many cubic feet. Shipedge could intelligently assign the orders to the picker. So if they have 15 single piece orders and 1 large multie piece order shipedge could tell the picker to grab 15 small bins and 1 shelf. When it tells the picker to assign the bin during the pick process it will say assign order to "Small bin" Assign order to large bin, assign order to full shelf etc. Any way to cut down time is a real savings to your warehouses. This could seriously cut down time and loading time. No waiting for pick tickets and no loading a bunch of pick tickets into the system prior to taking the cart our. The time savings could be as much a 5 - 8 minutes per cart going out.