Bill for serials

It would be great if there was a way to bill when a client requested serials to be captured. A per scan rate so if they request them in or out or both we can capture the additional time these orders take. I know we could probably handle this through procedures but since clients are able to turn on serials as they create new items it would be tough to keep reviewing the procedure to make sure all serialized items were included. Possibly a line in the prices account that allows us to set this up and automatically bill as serical scans were needed. Also a line to bill for a monthly cost of capturing serials. This can just be added to the standard monthly fixed warehouse fee but breaking out these warehouse fees into separate line items makes them a little more palatable for the person paying the bill. VS seeing $1,000 warehouse fee showing them X to use the software x for customer support, x for tracking serials etc would help warehoused pass on more costs without having negative feelings from the clients.