Prorated Storage Billed Monthly

Currently, ShipEdge has a few different options for storage. We want to be able to prorate storage fees for a client. Currently, ShipEdge lets you bill storage daily using a divisor of 30 to calculate daily storage. The issue with this is the rounding that takes place. For example, we charge $1.10/mo for a location. The daily charge is .0367. This rounds to .04. At the end of a 30 day period the client has been charged $1.20 instead of $1.10 due to rounding. We would prefer if prorated storage was billed monthly. There may still be rounding errors, but it would be limited to a max of .01 which is much easier to work with since you're not having to round fractions every day. In this case .0367 * 30 = 1.101 which based on how ShipEdge works would round up to 1.11. At the same time (as a future goal, but not required for the MVP), if you billed prorated storage monthly, you could prorate it based on the actual month length instead of a fixed 30 day period.