"Move Location" Priced Separately

Currently, if using Location billing for storage, ShipEdge counts a move from one location to another as 2 locations for that day. From what we've been told, this is to in essence charge the customer for the labor to move. The issue is that for a $30 pallet space it is certainly not $30 worth of labor. And conceptually, customers have been constantly confused why they have 2 pallets of inventory, but because of how ShipEdge bills it, they are charged for 4 pallets instead. Logically, no one should be charged for 4 pallets if they only have 2. The "move" charge for the labor ShipEdge built in should be set up as a separate billing option and triggered when an item is moved. This should not be storage based, nor should it be billed with storage. We currently overbill thousands to customers every month as a result which makes them very unhappy and we have to manually adjust which takes hours.