Real Time Inventory Sync

Currently, ShipEdge says: "Automatic Inventory Sync: Inventory update times may vary based on the amount of SKUs, amount of updates, channel load, and other factors." Unfortunately, daily inventory syncs are not frequent enough for any sellers. As you can imagine, any time a seller goes out of stock of a SKU in ShipEdge, they end up overselling which results in unhappy customers and work on their end to mitigate the damage, because ShipEdge did not sync in time to update their inventory to 0. Without calling the API to update every single time there's an order, maybe the best idea would be to call the inventory sync API more frequently than once per day and increase the frequency if a SKU is low on stock. Ultimately, it would be great for ShipEdge to match up with other WMS software companies and have a real-time sync (including being able to sync updates to orders that have already synced to ShipEdge), but for now, the frequency of inventory updates is simply not frequent enough or effective in preventing overselling if that makes sense.