Include the tarification API web service

good afternoon , with my cordial greetings , im posting this request on this posts webpage of yours in order to take in consideration about adapting your platform to our configuration as a courier we have many seller that needs to know the rates of the shipping in the OMS user , we have an API web service to calculate de rate , if you need it . Meaning currently shipedge doesnt show the rates of our services ,and just like i said before, we have an api service where the consultation can be made from shipedge , im not quite of sure if this option was requested to you to be enabled from Blu Express , however the configuration of this option according to my understanding is in this webpage of yours Besides currently when im trying to see the rates of a shipping using our services the rate is always equal to 0: In the same order of ideas we can offer the api web service so you can make the call to our database and show the respective rate , just for letting you know we have the API in REST and in SOAP kind of code regards