Better Filter Management in Processing View

Processing view has a lot of work needed to make it super helpful: 1) Make it easier to manage a large # of pre-set filters. Currently, it just makes this huge list that is hard to view/sort through. 2) Improve filter application. Sometimes filters remain on after being cleared - specifically the "Apply Filters" one. There are multiple ways to filter (pre-set filters, the "Apply Filters" options, and the header filters). Some of these overlap and some don't. There's too much going on and we often aren't sure what filters or applied. 3) Ability to filter by # of units in order (min to max) directly in the headers in that left most column that shows the # of SKUs and units in the order. 4) Show what filter(s) are applied. 5) Ability to select multiple options from the "New" "Reviewed" "Error" etc options that come up when orders are in Processing. The little icons (blue for New, Green check for review, etc) are what we mean. 6) Wildcard functionality for the pre-set filters (all SKUs containing "RE" for example). 7) Ability to exclude certain SKUs from a pre-set filter. There's certainly more. Happy to help run through a call on it at some point.