List of available packaging

There is a way for a client to set up the type of packaging they want used when an item is shipped. Unfortunaly this informtion is currently not used for anything or shown anywhere. Woud be great if: 1) The list was updated to include all of the following: Poly Mailer/Bubble Mailer/Box/Pallet 2) When a client selects the packaging they want only options that are at their requested level or better are shown. In pratice: Scenario #1: A client has a small non fragile item that can ship in a poly mailer. When the shipper goes to the packaging screen they are presented with all avaiable shipping options. This will allow if the account ordered a number of units that would not fit in a poly bag for the shipper to upgrade to a large box. Scenario #2: The client is shipping something they want to have a little more cushion so they select the item to be shipped in a bubble mailer. The shipper would be presented with only the available bubble mailers and boxes as potential shipping options. Scenario #3: The client has a multi unit order. 1 item can be shipped in any type of packaging but the other item requires a box. The shipper is only presented with the box options to meet the requitements of the most fragile item.