OMS-Level Pick Method Selection

As a warehouse, FIFO is tedious for storage and picking and takes a lot of time to be done right. When the majority of your clients don't require FIFO, setting it globally at the WMS-level to FIFO is a pain for the 99% of clients that aren't FIFO. Currently, the only alternative is for us to set client's SKUs to FIFO as a pick method at the SKU-Level. The issue is, they have to tell us every time they add new SKUs and we have to edit these any time they add a new SKU. It is easy to forget that, there's no good process for it, and can have bad consequences for products that expire. We would like to request a setting at the OMS level that is configurable on the WMS side that allows us to select a different default Pick Method for a specific client. This would be the default for all their SKUs, including new SKUs added later. This would override the WMS default pick method. Any SKU-Level pick method adjustments would then override the OMS level pick method. So, if we can set their OMS level default to FIFO, but then they have certain SKUs that need to be FEFO they can let us know and we can change those on a SKU level, so the FEFO on the SKU-Level would override the FIFO on the OMS-Level. So, overall, you would have: SKU-Level Pick Method ... overrides (if different) ... OMS-Level Pick Method ... overrides (if different) WMS-Level Pick Method