Billing - Auto Pay Issues

Currently autopay is turned on when a client enters a payment method. I think it should be made clear what our client's are agreeing to. I have attached screenshots of the Add Funds, Add New Method, and Auto Pay pages. Currently, there is ambiguity in the Payment Agreement paragraph that is displayed on each of those pages. If adding a Payment Method automatically triggers Auto Payment on invoices then that should be explicitly said. Currently the only phrase about autopay is "Make sure you select an auto-pay payment method under Your Account Preferences Billing tab." Nothing about how any method you enter will be used for auto pay, or which method the system defaults to if you haven't personally selected it. Since you use the same Payment Agreement on each individual page, it seems that for each of those pages you are agreeing to that statement. Not that the statement applies to all pages. The other language used is "requests made through this system". Is a statement a request made through this system? That is unclear. Since that is on a page where you manually choose the amount, you might think that only applies to the amount you entered. Also requesting a feature to be able to turn off auto pay.