Auto-Mapping Sales Orders w/Blank Shipping Methods

Shopify does not "require" a customer to select a shipping method for an order. Orders coming over from Shopify without a shipping method go straight into an API Error status. This is very common on orders either manually entered in the Shopify cart or orders from a subscription service like ReCharge. Our team spends 20-30 minutes a day just fixing these orders. What makes matters worse is fixing API Errors in the WMS takes much longer than fixing them in the OMS. It would be great if we could set a default shipping method per client for orders with blank shipping methods. Example: an order from Client XXX that has a blank shipping method defaults to 'First Class Mail'. I assume the build-out would be done within the Ship Method Translator in the OMS. This simple fix would eliminate a lot of manual work by 3PL operators just to get routine orders out on a daily basis. It would also not interfere with orders with new shipping methods as they would still go into an API Error status until they were mapped in the translator.