Shipping/Handling Costs Report for OMS in Reports View

This is such a base level report that is missing in the OMS. We've been asked about this a thousand times. Any client needs a report that produces the exact same information as the Data Download feature from the OMS. Clients need to see order weight, products in order, shipping cost, handling costs, ship method, etc. ShipEdge team says you can view this in "Statements". While it is possible as an Excel wizard to try and cobble everything together on a per shipment level, it shouldn't take hours of Excel magic to understand your order details (weight/# of units/address), total cost per order, and the components of that cost (pick & pack, shipping, packaging, other). In fact, it really should be something that can live-update on the client's home screen to show them their cost per order from a live dashboard - this information is crucial to their business and ShipEdge makes it incredibly hard to understand/access. On top of that, the Statements view is limited to only whatever the statement period is. So, if I wanted to get even basic cost information, I'd have to download numerous statements, merge them into an Excel doc, run some sort of Vlookup function to aggregate info on a per shipment level, pull in a different report with address information, add those fields as Vlookup as well, etc. You get the idea... it shouldn't be that hard. The old "Data Download" feature has the right idea, but IDK why it was deprecated.