Inventory Forecasting/Low Quantity Alerts per SKU

Shipedge's Inventory Forecasting Feature allows you to set up notifications if any SKU falls below a set threshold or if the SKU is expected to run out based on how often you sell the product. However, Shipedge currently does not allow you to set different low quantity alerts thresholds for different SKUs; the same alerts are applied to all of your inventory. I would like to see an option to customize alerts for each SKU if desired as not all SKUs are kept in the same quantities nor do they all experience the same demand. By allowing users to tailor these alerts to their needs, I think this feature would become more helpful to users and would be utilized more. Shipedge could allow users to break down their SKUs into groups according to what alerts/thresholds they would like applied or could simply allow users to add this detail when they are adding a SKU.